Patient Testimonials from Mt Shasta Physical Therapy

"This is my home away from home. It's clean, well-managed and has what I need. I have learned from my physical therapists what to do to help manage my low back pain. My doctor is impressed with how strong and flexible I am."
Jennie George, Mt Shasta

"When my doctor sent me to Physical Therapy with Jason Koster, PT I had my doubts. I can't believe how fast my shoulder pain resolved. Now I can feel the ability to use my arm and shoulder improving weekly."
Michael Flannery, Dunsmuir

"During my physical Therapy at your facility, I found excellent care, professional attitudes and very capable friendly staff. Joe Champagne, PT had outstanding abilities and a positive encouraging attitude which brought me through difficult times. The other staff members went out of their way to help me. I commend you for contributing such a valuable facility to the Mt Shasta community. You have helped me change the direction of my life."
Marge Apperson, Mt Shasta

"Over the years, I have always heard fantastic things about therapy here. Now I know why."

"You have such a great team of caring professionals."
Chris Schneider, Mt Shasta

"Aquatic therapy is real therapy!"
Nancy DaBroi, Mt Shasta

"The entire team at Mount Shasta Physical Therapy showed sincere interest in my well-being following my back surgery. I just want to thank them for all the wonderful care and extra effort they took to figure out what would be most helpful for me."
Ron Raley, Mt Shasta

"I'm such a believer. I went for two months. I'm fixed; I'm cured, without any surgery."

"After I tore the rotator cuff tendons of my shoulder, Dr. Guthrie repaired them in surgery. I had physical therapy at The Wellness Center with Sandy Skiff. I did what she told me, including my exercises and activity restrictions. It was challenging, but I did it all. My shoulder responded well, and I was able to achieve my goal of hiking the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. In addition, I have been able to resume all of my favorite sports including back country skiing and white water kayaking! My shoulder is 100%, and I am happy. I highly recommend physical therapy at The Wellness Center."
Janet Zalewski, Weed

"I look forward to physical therapy, because it helps. I don't have the will power to do it all on my own."

"Working with Mt. Shasta Physical Therapy has done wonders for my physical health awareness. Whenever I see Linda Stremel, I remind myself to sit up straight and hinge forward from my hips!"
A. Gibson, Mt. Shasta

"There was some genuine caring about how I was doing and progressing."

"The Physical Therapy protocol used by the School Hill Wellness Center brought me successfully through two knee replacements. The supportive nature of the therapy group gave me incentive to keep striving for improvement throughout my recovery. Whenever I felt stalled, they were always there to encourage me with humor and compassion. The pool for water therapy and the hot tub for relaxation and massage were an added bonus. Many thanks to Joe Champagne, PT, Karee Barham, PTA, Desi Valenzuela, and Jennifer Pentrack, PT"
Linda Blackinton, Weed

"Jason Koster, PT is knowledgeable, professional, and has a great caring manner. Karee Barham, PTA is super. She is calming, knowledgeable, and informative. She has a background in Pilates as well as physical therapy."
Jane Huston, Mt Shasta

"I would never have considered physical therapy until I needed it. I am amazed how helpful it has been."
Joan Terrell, Dunsmuir